The origins of ICS date back to the period when the Military University of Technology was formed, when the Faculty of Signal Forces was established in the early 1950s. In 1959 the structure of the university changed and, among others, Faculty of Electroradiotechnics about the cathedral organization, including, among others: Departments of: Teletransmission and Telecommunication, Radiocommunication and Organization and Operation of Communication Systems. In December 1968, an order was issued by General Sylwester Kaliski, then Commander of the Military University of Technology, approving earlier arrangements to establish the Institute of Telecommunications Systems under the leadership of Col. doc. Dr. engineer Wojciech Oszywa within the structure of the Faculty of Electroradiotechnics. The Institute was established on the basis of the three departments mentioned above. In 1994, the structure of the university and the Faculty of Electronics changed. As part of it, the Institute of Communication Systems was established, including the departments of the former IST and several teams of the dissolved Institute of Electronic Circuits. Doctrinal changes in the use of armed forces in the North Atlantic Alliance and structural changes taking place in the Polish Armed Forces, reducing their number, resulted in the need to adapt the military education system to the new conditions. The new Act of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland established, on January 1, 2003, the Military University of Technology as a civil-military university subordinate to the Minister of National Defense. The former academic departments have become civilian university units in which subordinate military employees carry out tasks related to both education and research. In the same year, the name of the Institute changed to the Institute of Telecommunications. In 2019, the institute's original name was restored. Currently, ICS consists of 3 departments:
  • Department of Radiocommunication 
  • Department of Telecommunications Systems
  • Department of Digital Technology
Each Department has specialized teaching and research laboratories where practical classes are conducted with students and scientific work is carried out.