The Department of Administration and Technology (DAL) is an organizational unit of faculty administration – directly subordinate to the administrative head – responsible for organizing and carrying out the economic and financial, technical, organizational and material resource protection tasks of the Department.

The tasks of the Administrative and Technical Department include:

  1. Coordination of the financial management activities of the Department;
  2. Coordination of the circulation of documents received, issued, sent and produced for the internal needs of the Department;
  3. Co-organizing and participating in the implementation of projects to modernize the teaching and scientific research base;
  4. Coordination of the management of the Department’s assets;
  5. Analyzing the needs, planning and participating in the preparation of repair work and maintenance of the Department’s building and technical facilities, as well as participating in the technical acceptance of works in this area;
  6. Coordination of the security of facilities and premises of the Department (in cooperation with users);
  7. Supervision, compliance with applicable laws and regulations on issues of labor law, occupational health and safety and fire protection proper organization of work.

As part of their tasks, DAL employees cooperate with employees of the Department’s organizational units and employees of the WAT central administration units.

Andrzej Wiśniewski

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