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The Faculty of Electronics is the largest organizational unit of the Military University of Technology - both in terms of the number of full-time students and in terms of the scope of scientific and research work carried out.

The Faculty is authorized to conduct first-cycle (engineering) and second-cycle (master's) studies, postgraduate and doctoral studies in electronics and telecommunications. It educates both civilians (in 8 specialties) and candidates for professional soldiers (in 7 specialties), in accordance with the principles set out in the Act on Higher Education. Study programs have a flexible structure and meet the requirements set by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the European Federation of National Engineering Associations (FEANI). Various types of specialized courses in electronics and telecommunications are also conducted, both for the Ministry of National Defense and at the request of various companies and institutions.

The Faculty Council has the authority to award doctoral and habilitated doctor degrees in the field of technical sciences in two disciplines: electronics and telecommunications. He is also authorized to apply for the academic title of professor.

Teaching and research activities at the faculty are carried out by 121 academic teachers, including 12 professors, 9 habilitated doctors and 65 doctors, 26 senior lecturers and lecturers and 35 assistants, supported by 31 engineering and technical staff.

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Faculty of Electronics

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